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India is a diverse nation, with many religious groups of every major creed. Among India's 1.25 billion people, there are multitudes of religious devotees and followers who are desperately searching for the truth of God. The Reach India Tract Project (RITP) desires to meet this great need by providing India with over 20 powerful tracts offering the blessing of the Gospel of God's Grace to bring hope and spiritual development to the nation.



The RITP prints and distributes millions of free Gospel tracts. We also have our tracts available online to view and download freely, which can be shared as e-tracts via email and social media. With our printed materials and online resources we hope to fulfill the purpose of "Reaching all people everywhere with the truth of God." If you enjoy reading our tract literature; please download, attach, and share the tracts with your friends, family, and colleagues to bless India with the Grace of God.


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If you have any other questions, requests or suggestions, please send us a message below or e-mail :

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The RITP also prints and distributes free Gospel tracts for public distribution.

All comments and personal information sent to the RITP is kept private and confidential.

Reach India Tract Project is a publication distribution project of Pastoral Training of Asia. Publications are distributed by authorization of Reg. 501 C3 / 33-04677, in compliance with the privileges of Article 25 of the Constitution of India.

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